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Steamboat Springs School District is launching four advisory committees

Steamboat Springs School District is launching four advisory committees that will make recommendations to the administrative team and school board on a future approach for long-term facilities planning to enhance teaching and learning for Steamboat Springs students. 

The work of the advisory committees is expected to take place over 12 months, commencing in January 2018 and concluding in December 2018.

The District's four advisory committees will include:

  • Academic Programs
  • Extra Curricular and Co-curricular Needs
  • Site Constraints and Possible Solutions
  • Communication
The purpose of each committee is to advise/recommend enhancements needed to provide long-term sustainability and overall educational program excellence for students enrolled in district schools by: 
  • Evaluating best practices on the topic assigned: and
  • Reviewing current structures and resources
The outcome of the advisory committees will be reports made to district administration and the SSSD school board in December 2018. 

Membership of each committee will be comprised of:
  • (1) One building administrator
  • (2) Parents - one elementary and one secondary
  • (2) Teachers - one elementary and one secondary
  • (up to 2) At large community members who do not have students in school
  • (up to 2) Secondary students
  • (1) District/Central office administrator
To apply to serve on an advisory committee, click here.  Members will be selected and notified in January 2018. Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate that they are open-minded, willing to listen and thoughtfully consider the perspective of various stakeholders in the community including students, staff, parents and community members without children in the schools, even when those stakeholders' perspectives do not align with their own. 

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