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Community Committee for Education Communication, August 23, 2016

Community Committee for Education (CC4E) Meeting Update - August 23, 2016

The Community Committee for Education (CC4E) met on August 23, 2016. The next meeting is September 6, 2016 from 4-5:30 p.m. at the District Office, 325 7th Street. The Committee welcomes the public to attend.

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Brad Meeks noted the start of the school year and stated enrollment for the first week of school was about 2,500 students,up slightly from the previous year. He also mentioned the Board of Education (BOE) special meeting taking place regarding a vote on a Mill Levy to fund full-day kindergarten. In the special BOE meeting that took place later in the evening, the BOE decided to move forward with a ballot initiative to fund full-day kindergarten. The vote was 3-2.

Communication to Board of Education

In response to the article in the Pilot, the committee discussed how and when would be the most appropriate and effective time to communicate progress of CC4E and the subcommittees to the board. Committee members commented that all CC4E meetings are open to the public including BOE members. Starting in September, the committee agreed to have two representatives of CC4E attend each board meeting. Members commented that the progress of the work of the committee was well within the timeline presented to the BOE June 24. Committee members also stressed the importance of community feedback before making recommendations to the BOE. The committee recommended that the public meeting notes (released after each meeting) be made part of the board packet. Requests from the Board of Education to make formal presentation should be made directly with a member of CC4E.

Community Comments

Cristina Magill gave an update on the status of the comments collected from May through August, 2016. All comments will be update on the website by August 31 as previously promised with the exception of the student survey which needs to be reviewed for confidentiality reasons. Update: As of August 30, the comments have been posted on the website.


The Task Forces subcommittees continue to work on the topics identified in the community forums. Task Force Subcommittees provided updates on their progress from the last meeting. Click here and scroll to the bottom for archived meeting updates.

Facilities Task Force Report

Members of the Facilities Task Force are Kevin Sankey (chair), Karl Bunker, Jim Darcy, Todd Raper, Suzy Sayle, Niki Struble, Tammy Lake, Collin Kelley and Deb Ginesta.

Kevin Sankey reported on the progress of the Facilities Task Force since the last meeting report of August 9, 2016. The subcommittee has been meeting weekly. They have now completed visits to all non-school properties and have started to visit district-owned facilities.

The Facilities Task Force plans to consolidate the information and develop multiple options for CC4E and community feedback in early 2017. The subcommittee also waiting on the results of the updated demographics report.

Demographic Task Force Report

Members of the Demographics Task Force are Mary Darcy, Claire Sollars, Beth Wilhelm, and Ed Miklus. Scott Wedel is acting as an advisor to the task force.

As reported in the previous meeting, the subcommittee advised hiring James Looney, Planning Manager with Denver Public Schools, to complete a new demographic report. The Board of Education has agreed to the report and the contract should be signed by the next CC4E meeting after a conference call with all parties involved on August 25, 2016.

Finance Task Force Report

Members of the Finance Task Force include Jeanne Mackowski, Dean Vogelaar, Adonna Allen, Liz Allen, Karen McRight. The committee will meet on September 6, 2016 to review FAQ (frequently asked questions) compiled from the community forums. Jeanne Mackowski provided a presentation on School Finance in Colorado to the committee back in June. Click here for a copy of this report.

Accountability and Policy Task Force Report

Members of the Accountability and Policy Task Force are Robin Schepper (chair), Chris Johnson and Jodie Sandel. Robin Schepper reported that the subcommittee has been meeting regularly and will have a presentation ready for CC4E at the September 20, 2016 meeting.

Programs and Staff Task Force Report

Members of the Accountability and Policy Task Force are Christina Magill (chair), Clark Davidson, Kyle Paolontonio, Julie Warnke. Cristina Magill reported the subcommittee has started to review the comments from the community forums and anticipates presenting to the CC4E at the end of Septem

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