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Student Data Privacy

over 2 years ago

Data Protection Addendums 

The District has started requiring software vendors to sign a Data Protection Addendum (DPA).  The purpose is to prohibit student data mining or target marketing along with requiring industry standards for encryption and security. As new district-wide contracts are signed and old contracts are renewed, the Data Protection Addendum is put into place. The goal is to ensure that all vendors (including teacher-initiated classroom-based tools) are either subject to a negotiated contract with the Data Protection Addendum or covered by new state or federal legislation regulating vendor practices. ​

SSSD is working towards all contracts traditionally being renewed through the Accounts Payable process, to being negotiated to ensure the protection of student data.  As a result you will see many more negotiated DPA's next year than we currently have now.

The Software Vendor list provides the names of software vendors who go through our Accounts Payable Process.  We require that vendors sign the DPA if they have a negotiated contract.  Please note this list of vendors with DPA's will increase over this next school year.  

On Demand or click-through Apps are not negotiated.  These type of apps can be thought of just like when you visit the App store with your personal phone or tablet.  When you add an app to your personal device you "click-through" a few messages while adding the app to your phone.  You are agreeing to terms of the app you are installing.  These type of Apps are high in usage, with the ease in which to acquire and install.  These type of apps do not require a DPA but SSSD IT department will provide a list of known applications in use.  These lists will be updated twice a year, in October and again in January of each school year.  The gathering of these applications we expect will improve over time with automation tools but currently it is self reported by the teachers.    

The iPad onDemand list provides the names of applications assigned to our iPads. This list contains both Staff and Student facing apps as the devices are shared between many users. 

The Google onDemand list provides the names of applications assigned to our Chrome Book users.  This list contains both Staff and Student facing apps.  

Teachers are expected and reminded each year to review the applications in use and understand the agreements they are agreeing to when assigning use of these applications.