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Welcome Steamboat springs school district employees

Our goal is to put everything you need at your fingertips. Watch this page grow.

Staff Development

about 1 year ago

Watch this space for information on the latest staff development opportunities for staff members of the Steamboat Springs School District.   Click here for the latest staff development calendar for the Steamboat Springs School District.  Check back periodically for updates.  Click here for a complete listing of staff development opportunities currently offered by the Steamboat Springs School District.         
Staff who would like to request funding for attendance at a professional development conference should use the Request for Conference Funding form and submit it initially to their building principal and then have it sent on to the Director of Teaching and Learning.

Professional Development resources are now available through our High School wiki.  Use these to see what professional development opportunities are available at individual building sites.

Staff members looking for regional training opportunities should look at the NWBOCES website and click on the tab labeled Professional Learning.

Educator Effectiveness
In 2010, State Bill 10-191 was passed by the Colorado State legislature. The bill changed the way both principals and teachers are supported and evaluated in Colorado with the ultimate goal of ensuring college and career readiness for all students. Some of the highlights of the bill include:

  • Requires evaluating educators based on statewide standards of practice and student learning over time.
  • Requiring all licensed educators to be evaluated every year, regardless of years of service.
  • Makes non-probationary status tied to professional expertise rather than the length of service.
  • Requires schools and districts to provide staff development for any identified needs in the educator’s evaluation.
By July 2013, Steamboat Springs School District implemented this new evaluation system that aligns with the teacher and principal Quality Standards and State Board Rules and that meets the requirements of SB-191, Educator Effectiveness.   During the 2017-18 academic year, the Steamboat Springs School District will be participating in the CDE Piloting of the revised professional practices rubric for teachers.  This will result in a change in the rubric for teachers.  There will not be a change for special service providers (Nurses, Counselors, and Social Workers) or Principals.  The information below explains and reflects those changes. To see updates on the changes to the Educator Effectiveness system of the Steamboat Springs School District, please click here

Steamboat Springs School District Training
2017 Trainings
2016 Trainings
2015 Trainings
    Steamboat Springs School District Policies and Procedures
    Educators in Unique Roles

    Measures of
    Student Learning
    • MSL Charts:  The complete set of charts that are used to determine the 50% of educator's evaluation score based on student performance.  Charts are included for teachers, principals, counselors, school social workers, and nurses.
    Common Assessment

    Forms and Resources

    The Steamboat Springs School District has established an evaluation committee to make recommendations for the implementation of the new evaluation system as well as to provide staff development on the new system. 

    Staff Development Council
    The Staff Development Council is a group of licensed staff that meets quarterly to review the comprehensive staff development program of the district and provides input and guidance on the future direction of staff development in the district.
    Any staff member that is interested in serving on the council should contact Marty Lamansky, Director of Teaching and Learning at or via phone at 871-3194.

    The calendar of the dates for the council meetings can be found here. The current list of council members can be found in this document.

    Licensed Staff Technology Training Requirements and Opportunities
    The Steamboat Springs School believes that effective use of technology in instructional practice is an essential skill in the 21st century.   We also believe that it is essential that the staff of the district is provided with the training and material resources to use to integrate technology into daily teaching practice.  The district has adopted expectations concerning a teacher's web presence that can be found here

    School-Based Technology Mentors

    Technology mentors have been established at each of the four major schools in the district.   Mentors are teaching staff members who have particular expertise in the use of, and integration of, particular technologies in the district.   For the 2017-18 academic year, mentors have expertise in SMARTboard, iPad use and applications and Google Apps For Educators (GAFE).  
    Staff members who are seeking specific help in implementing technology in their classroom, as part of their instructional practices, and/or as part of ongoing parent/student communication should work with either their Technology Integration Specialist (at elementary schools) or their building-based technology mentors.

    School-based Technology Mentors:  click on the mentor's name to e-mail them a request.


    Soda Creek Elementary

    Suggestion Box

    We know that there are multiple needs for staff development among our staff.  If you have ideas, suggestions, or questions about staff development please submit them via this e-mail link: Staff Development Inquiry/Suggestion.
    This section will contain the schedules and overviews for the 2017-18 district professional development days.  Use this as a reference for overviews, schedules, and tasks for the day.

    The Steamboat Springs School District has five district-wide Professional Development Days during the year.   These are days that are reserved for staff to engage in collaborative learning focused on issues and techniques which improve all elements of teaching practice. Further information can be obtained by contacting your building administration and instructional coaches or contacting the Director of Teaching and Learning.

    August 18 and 21, 2017

                    District Back to School events, data conversations, building-based staff development

     October 6, 2017

                    BOCES COLLAB Day @ SSHS

    February 9, 2018

                    District Wide PD days.  All staff will participate in one of four “Instructional Strands.”                        Registration to take place in early January. 

    March 19, 2018

                    District Wide PD days.  All staff will participate in the second day of one of four                                “Instructional Strands.”  Registration to take place in early January.

    Requests for Funding of Professional Conferences
    Are you looking for funding to help you pay for a professional development conference?  The Steamboat Springs School District has resources for the potential funding of your requests.  Follow this procedure to request funding:

    1. Have a conversation with your building principal about the professional conference and why you believe it will be beneficial for you and your students.  Be prepared to explain how you will share the knowledge from your conference with your colleagues.   If your principal is in support of the request then go to Step 2.

    2. Fill out a Request for Conference Funding form and have your building principal sign the form.  Send the form over to the District Office to the attention of the Director of Teaching and Learning.

    3. Send an e-mail to the Director of Teaching and Learning to make him/her aware of your request.

    You should be notified within 5 working days of the status of your request and any follow-up procedures you will need to follow.

    Teacher Induction Program
    The Steamboat Springs School District has a two-year Induction Program for all teachers who are new to the profession and the school district.   Any teacher who is currently on their Initial Teacher license and has not completed an approved induction program in the state of Colorado must complete the program in order to obtain their Professional Teacher license.  

    New teachers who meet this requirement will be assigned a mentor teacher and be in the program for a two-year period.   Building principals will inform new staff who their mentor is and provide the initial information.   The program will also be reviewed as part of the new staff training that takes place at the start of each academic year.   Below are some of the specific policies, forms, and documents that inductees and mentors will need for the program: