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SSSD Online Options - Edgenuity 2020-21

15 days ago

Steamboat Springs School District recognizes that due to the COVID-19 global crisis, families may wish to explore an online alternative to in-person schoology for their students. Ultimately, we would like for all of our students to return to in-person schooling as this is the best for kids both in a social, emotional, and educational way. Recognizing, however, that for some families the online option is preferable, we’re providing online options for all grade levels.  The following information explains the K-12th grade options for Online-Only education. (*Information in this document is subject to change as we receive new information from state and local health officials)

K-12 Online Option - Edgenuity

  • K-12 grade students/parents that wish to opt into the online-only option for the 20-21SY will first need to be registered in their appropriate district school.

  • Once enrolled in their area school, they will need to fill out the Online-Only Registration form by Thursday, Aug 13th. To register for online-only, click here.

  • K-12 students that are enrolled in the Online-Only option will exclusively be using the Edgenuity Learning Management System to facilitate their learning. 

  • Edgenuity’s fully online curriculum will be taught by Edgenuity’s highly qualified, state-certified virtual instructors. 

  • The K-12 Online-Only option will be managed by a trained SSSD teacher mentor that will be in constant communication with families throughout the school year. 

  • Once students begin with Edgenuity, if it is determined by the student that the Online-Only option is not a good fit, families will have a ten (10) day opt-out period. Once the 10 day period has elapsed, families will be locked into the online option for the remainder of the current semester. For families that wish to transition back into in-person learning, please contact your building principal.

  • All students will need self-motivation, time management, strong communication skills, and parent support to be successful. Students who participate in the 100% online learning program will still be a part of the SSSD community. Students will still have access to counselors, and be able to participate in school activities and special events. 

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