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Educator Effectiveness

In 2010, S.B. 10-191 was passed by the Colorado State legislature.  The bill changes the way both principals and teachers are supported and evaluated in Colorado with the ultimate goal of ensuring college and career readiness for all students.  Some of the highlights of the bill include:

  • Requires evaluating educators based on statewide standards of practice and student learning over time.
  • Requiring all licensed educators to be evaluated every year, regardless of years of service.
  • Makes non-probationary status tied to professional expertise rather than the length of service.
  • Requires schools and districts to provide staff development for any identified needs in the educator’s evaluation.

 To learn more about this evaluation system, visit the Colorado Dept. of Education's informative web page. Below are some additional informational resources:

FAQs-: CDE’s Frequently Asked Questions page about the legislation and the new evaluation systems.

Fact Sheets:  One-page fact sheets on various aspects of the Educator Effectiveness System.  

Videos:  Quick 6 minute videos that provide overviews and details on the legislation and the evaluation processes.

The Steamboat Springs School District has established an evaluation committee to make recommendations for the implementation of the new evaluation system as well as to provide staff development on the new system. For more information about how this evaluation system is being implemented throughout the school district, please follow this link

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