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Everything Outdoor Steamboat

Everything Outdoor Steamboat was started as a non-profit by former SSMS teacher Matt Tredway. His vision was to have teachers who were interested, outdoor enthusiasts, and trained, to guide groups of middle school students on trips outdoors. He wanted to get students outside enjoying nature instead of spending time watching TV or playing video games.

The program strives to encompass the Steamboat kid that, for one reason or another, has never picked up a fly rod, been in the backcountry, isn’t even sure of how close to the Colorado River we actually are, never even seen a stand up paddle board.  The program is free to the participants and is sponsored by educators that have a love for one of these specific sports and is willing to and enthusiastically can share their love with students.   How does a student get to go? Students must have a sturdy track record taking grades, behavior, attendance as well as other aspects into consideration prior to being asked to go.  

What EOS is all about is putting yourself out there...literally.   Studies show that exposure to the natural world improves memory, attention, reduces stress and depression.  Getting outside is the start to the day that helps students to be more attentive, more energetic and generally better equipped to learn.  Exposing these kids, that might not have the opportunity at home, to the things that we all love about the great outdoors can be a life changing event for some.  

This fall the program guided kids on the following trips:

·  Fly Fishing - The most popular trip of the year, without fail.  Maybe 30 kids sign up for this thing and only 12 get to go. Jeff Ruff and Danielle Weekley got these kids hooked (no pun intended) into multiple fish on world class waters.

·  Stand Up Paddleboarding - Braden Wilson and Dan Brabec took 8 students to Pearl Lake for the day to learn the J stroke (which could be a myth) and check out of civilization for a day of pure serenity. Just 40 minutes away but many had never been there, worth the trip.  

·  Mountain Biking - How many can say they got to mountain bike up Spring Creek to Flash of Gold during a Friday instead of going to school?  A lucky 14 kids were selected and spent the day chasing down Mindy Mulliken and Jeff Keller.

·  Disc Golf - There are 4 courses here in the Yampa Valley and Chris Adams and Erik Bahnsen were able to get 15 kids on 3 within the trip time of 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM.  Super fun, smiling faces returned with tired arms, sunburned cheeks and weary legs that carried these kids from Steamboat II to Mt. Werner with tons of hiking.  Half the fun is keeping track of all the discs, which are easy to lose and hard to spot.  They probably hiked at least 3 miles.  

This winter the program will take kids back country skiing, snowshoeing and hopefully an overnight snow cave trip. More trips will go in the spring as well.

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