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Threat Assessment Training and Information for Families

We are providing parents and guardians with an educational resource on threat assessments from the Colorado Office of School Safety. Our staff, parents, and guardians are vital to the success of threat assessments, and we wanted to provide an opportunity to educate our stakeholders more about threat assessments and how they contribute to our safety and security protocols. 

Click here to view the training if you would like to learn more about threat assessments.

About Threat Assessments

According to the National Threat Assessment Center at the United States Secret Service, “The goal of a Threat Assessment is to identify students of concern, assess their risk for engaging in violence or other harmful activities, and identify intervention strategies to manage that risk.” 

For instance, when someone has reason to believe that a student may be at-risk of violence toward a school community, there is a process to evaluate that student’s behavior and provide an intervention plan that addresses the emotional and physical safety of the student of concern and safeguards the community. Then school staff can provide appropriate resources for that student to support them in avoiding violence and remaining a productive member of the school community.

Threat assessment teams are multidisciplinary and often include the following individuals in each school:

  • School Administrators (Principals, Assistant Principals)

  • Law Enforcement (School Resource Officers)

  • Mental Health Staff (School Counselors/School Social Workers/School Psychologists)

  • Special Education Staff when appropriate (Case Managers/School Psychologists)

  • District Administrator as needed (Behavioral and Mental Health Manager, Director of Teaching and Learning)

The threat assessment information-gathering process often involves interviews with teachers, parents, support staff, and others familiar with the student. This helps to ensure an accurate assessment. These individuals are a part of the process but not necessarily a part of the decision-making team.  

If you have any questions about threat assessments, please reach out to Shelby DeWolfe Behavioral and Mental Health and Restorative Practices Manager, SSSD, at