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Strategic Plan Dashboard

About the Dashboard

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For the Steamboat Springs School District to achieve the outlined goals and outcomes in the strategic plan, district staff, the superintendent, and the school board will monitor the progress of the focus areas and goals and publish progress on this dashboard. We want to provide a transparent look at the district's advancement toward meeting the objectives outlined in the strategic plan. 

By successfully implementing initiatives under the strategic priorities, Steamboat Springs School District will bring the focus areas to life in the district, enabling students to demonstrate the graduate profile skills and competencies outlined in the plan. 

The dashboard was last updated in August 2023. 

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Learning experiences that support students to reach their fullest potential

  • PRIORITY ONE: Reaching Academic Potential

  • PRIORITY TWO: Inclusive Communities of Learning

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Building skills for students’ lives and future

  • PRIORITY ONE: Thriving Students

  • PRIORITY TWO: College & Career Readiness

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Thriving educators and community 

  • PRIORITY ONE: Positive Culture of Teaching and Learning

  • PRIORITY TWO: Enhanced Learning Experiences through Community Partnerships


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Steamboat Springs School District provides safe, inclusive, challenging, and authentic learning experiences that prepares all students to be inspired to explore the world and contribute with integrity.


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All students in Steamboat Springs School District will become global thinkers, engaged community members, and self-aware learners through academically rigorous, community- based, career-connected learning.