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Title IX Policies, Procedures and Information

Scope of Title IX:

The Steamboat Springs School District is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment that is free from sex-based discrimination and harassment.



Sex/Gender - Based Discrimination

Sexual Assault

Program Equity

Dating Violence





Steps of the Title IX Process

Step 1:
Submit a report or complaint

Step 2:
Student and family/support person will talk with Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator about supportive measures and options to file a formal complaint

Step 3:
A determination will be made on whether a formal, informal or different process is appropriate based on the complaint

Step 4:
Informal Resolution Process or Formal Process (Investigation) 

Step 5:
Informal Resolution: Final Resolution Agreement put into place
Formal Process: Parties involved review and respond to the draft investigative report

Step 6:
Formal Process: Final investigative report is provided to the Decision-maker and the Decision-maker facilitates an optional exchange of written questions between parties

Step 7:
The Decision-maker makes a determination of whether or not there was a violation of policy and provides this determination in writing

Step 8:
Opportunity to appeal the final determination


Compliance officer designated for the district as Title IX Coordinator for complaints alleging sexual harassment under Title IX:

Kristen Atwood 
Address: 325 7th Street,
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
Telephone number: 970-871-3164
Email address:


Additional Resources

Make a Report

This reporting form is for non-emergency incidents only. If you are in immediate danger or require medical attention, please contact the police or emergency medical services at 911. SSSD will protect the privacy of individuals involved in a report of prohibited conduct to the extent permitted by law and by district policy and procedures. Please note that this form is sent to Kristen Atwood, the Title IX Compliance Officer for SSSD. 

Make a report

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