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Counseling and Mental Health

Counseling and Mental Health Staff Contact Information


School Health Professionals/School Social Workers Contact Info

Counselors Contact Info

Soda Creek Elementary

Meghan Howard (part-time)
Work Phone: 

Tracy Metzler (Part-time)
Work:  970-871-3358

Allison Feyen
Work: 970-871-3389

Natalie Fisher
Work: 970-871-3249

Strawberry Park Elementary


Artemis Hamrick (part-time)
Work: 970-871-3407

Jaila Benjamin
Work: 970-871-3406

Sleeping Giant School


Lizzy Pendleton (part-time)
Cell: 713-906-5422

Allison Wither
Work: 970-871-7519

Rachel Graham
Work: 970-871-7520

Steamboat Springs Middle School


Meghan Howard (Part-time)
Work: 970-871-3528

Danica Moss
Work: 970-871-3577

Amalia Pappanastos
Work: 970-871-3587

Yampa Valley High School

Grant School Based Support; not an assigned SHP

Carolyne Maul

Steamboat Springs High School


Tom Valand
Work: 970-875-3641


Misty Sellden
Work: 970-871-3612
Last Names: A-C & Emerging Bilingual students 

Cheryl Fullerton
Work: 970-871-3612
Last Names: D-J

Kim Horton
Work: 970-871-3613
Last Names: K-Q

Lara Sigmon
Work: 970-871-3682
Last Names: R-Z

District Behavioral Health Manager

Shelby DeWolfe

Not applicable 


We recognize many of our students and families may need additional mental health support and resources. Below is a list of resources available that provide support in our community. In addition, we have included some stress relieving techniques and coping strategies. Please utilize these supports if you or your child(ren) are struggling!