School Culture & Climate Task Force - About Us

In response to Quimby & Associates’ spring 2020 independent assessment and investigation of school culture and climate at Steamboat Springs High School, the SSSD School Climate and Culture Task Force was formed.

Mission: To support a climate and culture in our schools of respect, trust, safety, and dignity for ALL and help foster the same in our community.

Committee Members:

  • Katherine Brunk (SSHS Student)
  • Shelby DeWolfe (Behavioral Health & RP Coordinator)
  • Jay Hamric (Director of Teaching and Learning, SSSD)
  • Meghan Hanson-Peters (SSHS Teacher)
  • Kelly Mangus (Dean of Student Culture, SSHS)
  • Lisel Petis (Community Member)
  • Jammie Sabin (Parent)

Goal # 1: Restructure of Culture & Climate Committee. By October 31st, 2021 the SSSD Culture and Climate Task Force will restructure into a district-wide culture and Climate Committee that is fairly represented by a diverse and equitable stakeholder group from each individual schools’ culture and climate or leadership committee.

Goal # 2: Environmental Scan: Support the district in conducting an environmental scan of the culture and climate of Steamboat Springs School District during the 2021-2022 school year.

Goal # 3: Healthy Relationships Course: A goal of the task force is to create a cohesive, persuasive proposal for the SSHS class, Healthy Relationships, in time for the 2021-2022 SSHS curriculum review process in October 2021.

Goal #4: Peer Program: Inspire and engage students and school staff at Steamboat Springs High School to launch a student-informed and student-led peer leadership program focused on healthy relationships by Fall 2021.

Goal # 5: Amnesty Clause Consideration: We recommend SSSD explore & discuss the creation of an amnesty clause as a possible way to remove barriers that hinder students from reporting sexual and other misconduct.