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Online Registration Documentation Required

Documents are required to be uploaded during the online registration process. All electronic documents must be legible. If you are not able to upload documents, you will need to provide a copy of these documents to your child's school office as soon as possible, before your registration can be completed. 

Proof of Residency

Must be dated within 3 months of application- must show physical address- must be in the name of the parent, guardian or student. One of the following documents will be required to be uploaded during the enrollment process:

  • Mortgage, lease or rental contract - must be current
  • Utility statement - within 3 months
  • Residential real estate tax statement

If you are not able to upload proof of residency because you do not have a qualifying document in your name, please contact the school or District Office prior to beginning the enrollment process. 

S-3-E: Intra-District Enrollment Application 1-21-22

S-3-E: Intra-Distrito Aplicacion de Inscripcion 1-21-22

S-4-E: Inter-District Admission Application

S-4-E: Inter-Distrito Solicitud de admision

Student Residency Affidavit

Birth Certificate

Must show full legal name of child and date of birth or one of the following: 

  • State-issued ID
  • Adoption certificate
  • Hospital certificate

Your Child's Immunization Records - (as of March 4, 2022)

  • Must be current

Immunization Medical Exemption Form

Formulario de exoneración médica

Immunization Non-Medical Exemption Form

Formulario de exoneración no médica (por creencias religiosos o personales)  

Waivers, Releases and Handbooks

During the enrollment process, you will be asked to give permission for your child's participation in events, acknowledge that you have reviewed District and school policies and acknowledge receipt of various documents for you to review with your child. Links to these documents are available during the registration process.