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Revisions to Inter-and Intra-District Policies

Revisions to Inter-and Intra-District Policies

The Steamboat Springs School District (SSSD) has recently updated its Inter- and Intra-District policies (Student Policies S-3 and S-4). Inter-district students are those who attend SSSD schools but live outside the SSSD boundaries. Intra-district students are those who live within SSSD boundaries but attend a school outside their residential boundaries. Click here to view the District K-8 boundaries. 

Our main objective in revising these policies is to ensure consistent class sizes at each grade level across the District, particularly at our three elementary schools. To maintain similar class sizes at each building, we will review Inter- and Intra-District enrollment requests on an annual basis.  Students who are not enrolled in their boundary area school are not guaranteed a spot at their current school year after year. 

The revised policies are available for review on the website. A summary of the revisions is below:

  • All parents and guardians of students who attend SSSD schools must complete the Annual Update by May 30 to update their proof of residency. 

  • All parents and guardians of Inter- and Intra-District students must apply annually if they wish to enroll their student in a school outside of their boundaries. All Inter- and Intra-district students will be reviewed annually at each building and at the District level.

Intra-District Families

  • If it is determined that an Intra-District family no longer lives within their boundary school area but still lives within Steamboat Springs School District, they will be required to complete an Intra-District form (English and Spanish).

  • For existing families, the District will review all Intra-District requests and make a decision on the current students by June 30. 

Inter-District Families (live outside the SSSD boundary area)

  • For new families, if you wish your child to matriculate as a nonresident student, you need to fill out the "Inter-District Admission Application" (S-4-E) form (English and Spanish) and submit it to the school district office before August 10. You will be notified of the approval or denial of your request by August 15.

  • For existing families, you need to fill out the Interdistrict Renewal Request (S-4-E-1) (English and Spanish)and update the student information system (ALMA) by May 30 every year to continue your child's enrollment in the Steamboat Springs School District for the next school year. You will be notified of the approval or denial of your request by June 30.

We appreciate your attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Deb Ginesta (


Transportation may not be available from the District for students granted permission to attend a school outside their attendance area. If it is currently provided, availability is subject to change at any time as operational conditions change. 

If you have any questions about these policies relating to transportation, please feel free to contact Transportation Manager Casey Ungs (