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SSSD Completes Improvements Funded by Bond with Renovation of District Office

SSSD Completes Improvements Funded by Bond with Renovation of District Office

The Steamboat Springs School District (SSSD) has just completed a major renovation of its offices, which was funded by Measure 4C. This was a 20-year bond measure passed in November 2019 that provided $79.5 million in funding for capital improvements to SSSD facilities. The renovation of the district office was the last project to be completed with capital funding from the bond, and it marks the end of five years' worth of construction and improvements to facilities within the SSSD. 

new district office sign with district logo next to a large brick building with snow on the ground

“With the support of our community, we've been able to improve the learning and teaching environment for every student, staff member, and family in our school district,” said Pascal Ginesta, Facilities Manager. 

new office hallway with white walls and grey carpet

Thanks to the bond, all facilities within the SSSD have been upgraded. The district office now boasts enhanced security measures that mimic the security of all SSSD schools. All entrances are now accessible only via card reader, instead of building keys. Other improvements include:

  • Complete renovation of the entire admin area 

  • Asbestos removal and mitigation

  • Secured vestibule at the main entrance

  • Enhanced lockdown system

  • Complete HVAC system for proper heating, cooling and ventilation

  • All new windows and insulation

  • An employee break room

  • The creation of three meeting collaboration spaces, and;

  • 13 new office spaces.

“The renovation to the district office marks the end of an era,” said Dr. Celine Wicks, Superintendent. “District administration now has a safer, more collaborative work environment. Best of all, our students and staff have safer buildings, enhanced educational opportunities, and improved athletic facilities all thanks to the generous voters who passed this bond in 2019.” 

office conference room with big windows

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