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Steamboat Springs High School Launches Stop and Think Week to Promote Student Safety and Good Decision-Making

Steamboat Springs High School Launches Stop and Think Week to Promote Student Safety and Good Decision-Making


Weeklong Event Aims to Educate Students on Responsible Choices Ahead of Spring Break and Prom

Steamboat Springs, Colo. - Steamboat Springs High School is launching Stop and Think Week, a weeklong event that aims to educate students on safety and good decision-making before spring break and prom at the end of the year. 

Stop and Think Week will take place from April 15 to 19. It’s a week for our students to reflect, consider, and learn about topics that pertain to their safety and the safety of others. Each day will have a theme to help students understand the importance of making good decisions. Students will also have the opportunity to interact directly with first responders in the community. The week kicked off with a pep rally on April 12, featuring a tug-of-war competition between groups of first responders. The assembly will also recognize all spring sports and activities.

Here are the themes for each day:

  • Monday: Driving while impaired or distracted

  • Tuesday: Substance use and misuse

  • Wednesday: Bystander drinking and driving

  • Thursday: Boundaries and peer pressure

  • Friday: Respect for all

Additionally, on Wednesday, April 17, from 6-7 pm, our Parent Information Committee will host an open discussion on these topics for parents and how they can support these conversations at home. Steamboat Springs Police Department's School Resource Officer Lisa Eifling and Investigator Patty Oakland will lead our discussion to grow our parent fellowship.

“Stop and Think Week is all about education, engagement, and encouraging students to navigate challenging situations with confidence and wisdom,” said Eifling.

During the week, students will deliver facts about the daily theme during the morning announcements in English and Spanish. They will also create TikTok videos about each theme to help connect with their peers.

“The main goal of this event is to use peer-to-peer messages to help students understand the importance of staying safe and making good decisions,” said Ken Vener, Student Leadership class teacher at SSHS. “Students will also have a moment of silence to reflect on how each theme impacts them.”

There will be many exciting opportunities for students to interact with first responders. Every time students engage with a first responder or participate in an activity, they will receive a raffle ticket. One lucky winner will get to “pie the principal” at the end of the week.

Here are some of the events happening during Stop and Think Week:

  • Monday: Snack cart with first responders in the Commons

  • Tuesday: Possible K9 officer visit

  • Wednesday: Drunk goggles with field sobriety tests

  • Friday: Pie the Principal

“I am proud to support Stop and Think Week, emphasizing the importance of responsible decision-making,” said Jay Hamric, SSHS principal. “We aim to empower students to make safe choices, not just during this event, but throughout their lives."