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Who Will Be the 2023 SSSD Educator of the Year?

Who Will Be the 2023 SSSD Educator of the Year?


Dear Staff, Parents, and Students of Steamboat Springs School District,

Each year we witness the amazing feats of our educators on a daily basis.  We see facilitators of learning, innovators in technology, problem-solvers, and compassionate adults who drop everything to assure that our students find success not only academically but socially and emotionally as well.  We watch these educators give up time with their own families in the service of our students and our larger community.  We marvel at how they engage our students and inspire them to action.  It is now the time of year when we would like to offer more formal recognition of the work our educators do.

We have expanded our Educator of the Year program to honor not only classroom teachers but also counselors, specialists, para-professionals, nurses, etc.  Essentially, we want to have the opportunity to honor any district employee who cultivates positive relationships, contributes to an effective classroom, and has become a leader in our schools and community.  Additionally, we have expanded who can make nominations: in addition to staff, parents and students may also nominate an employee for Educator of the Year at each school.  

If you are interested in nominating someone for Educator of the Year, please consider how your nominee meets the following criteria:

  1. Effective Instruction

    1. Student achievement- How does this nominee support student achievement for all students?

    2. Knowledge of content- How does this nominee demonstrate that he/she is an expert in his/her content area?

    3. Reflective practitioner- To what extent does this nominee engage in reflection to improve his/her practice?

  2. Relationships

    1. Student relations- What does this nominee do to cultivate positive student relations?

    2. Staff relations- How does this nominee collaborate with and support colleagues?

    3. Parent relations- How does this nominee reach out to parents?

  3. Demonstrated leader

    1. Within the school- What evidence is there that this nominee is a building leader?

    2. Community involvement- How is this nominee involved in our community beyond the school house walls?

    3. Contributions beyond expectations- Please add anything else to support this nominee here.


  1. Write a letter or recommendation or complete the attached nomination form that addresses the three criteria below.

  2. Submit the letter or nomination form to your building principal by Monday, April 24.

We sincerely hope that you decide to nominate someone who has made an impression on you.  Thank you.

SSSD’s Administrative Team