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Use of Funds plan for ESSER III Funds

To view a presentation outlining SSSD's planned use for ESSER fundings ,click here.

To create the Use of Funds plan for ESSER III Funds, the Steamboat Springs School District (SSSD) analyzed assessment data, including iready, Dibels, NWEA Map, CMAS and PSAT scores. Based on data results, SSSD has determined that all students experienced learning loss in reading, language arts and math scores. Data has been disaggregated for students from low-income families, students of color, English learners, children with disabilities, students experiencing homelessness, children and youth in foster care, and migratory students.  Data shows a greater academic decline (specifically in reading and math) for Emerging Bilingual students and children with disabilities compared to the general student population.

In selecting our evidence-based interventions, we focused on research-based approaches to address summer school and after-school programs, and MTSS and reading/math interventions in order to respond to the identified student academic needs. The District will use the 20% set aside to purchase a comprehensive core early literacy curriculum and a core writing program that will address the specific gaps identified.

SSSD will know if interventions are successful by conducting annual and interim student reading and writing assessments in order to measure the impact of our interventions on students’ academic needs.

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